CA Course Fees in India for Foundation, Intermediate and Final 2023


Chartered Accountancy (CA) is a prestigious career choice, particularly for commerce students in India. Aspiring CAs undergo a rigorous journey that includes three key stages – Foundation, Intermediate, and Final exams. Beyond the academic challenges, understanding the financial investment required is crucial for anyone considering this path. In this blog, we will delve into the detailed breakdown of CA course fees in India for the year 2023.

Total Fees for CA Course for Foundation, Intermediate & Final 2023:

The CA course is a five-year commitment for those who successfully clear all exams on the first attempt. The total fees for the CA course range from 2 to 3 lakhs, covering registration, exam forms, articleship, and tuition fees at all levels.

CA Foundation Course Fees:

1.CA Foundation Course Fee:

  • The total CA Foundation course fees amount to Rs. 11,300, covering various components such as registration, exam forms, and additional charges.

2.CA Foundation Registration Fees:

  • The CA Foundation registration fee is Rs. 9,000, which includes the cost of the prospectus, student’s journal, and member’s journal.

3.CA Foundation Journal Membership Fees:

  • Students can opt for journal memberships at Rs. 200 (optional), providing valuable content related to the CA Foundation course.

4.CA Foundation Exam Form Fees 2023:

  • The CA Foundation exam form fee is Rs. 1,500 for Indian students, with an additional late fee of Rs. 600 for delayed submissions.

5.CA Foundation Fees for Re-appearing Students:

  • Re-appearing students are required to pay only the exam fee for subsequent attempts, not the registration fee.

6.Important Update regarding CA Foundation Registration:

  • It is crucial to register for the CA Foundation Nov 2023 exam before the deadline, with provisional registration available until 12th-grade results are declared.

CA Intermediate Course Fee Structure:

1.CA Intermediate Course Fee:

  • The CA Intermediate course fees vary based on the number of groups. Both groups cost Rs. 20,700, and a single group costs Rs. 14,500.

2.CA Intermediate Registration Fee:

  • Registration fees for a single group amount to Rs. 11,000 and for both groups, it is Rs. 15,000.

3.CA Intermediate Exam Form Fee:

  • The CA Intermediate exam form fees are Rs. 2,700 for both groups and Rs. 1,500 for a single group, with additional charges for late submissions.

4.Journal Fee for Intermediate Level:

Direct entry students must pay Rs. 200 for the journal fee.

5.Student’s Activity Fees for CA Intermediate:

  • An activity fee of Rs. 2,000 is applicable for access to seminars and workshops conducted by ICAI.

6.ICITSS Fees at the CA Intermediate Level:

  • ICITSS training before articleship involves fees of Rs. 6,500 for the Information Technology Program and Rs. 7,000 for the Orientation Program.

CA Final Course Fee Structure:

1.CA Final Course Fee:

  • The total CA Final course fee is Rs. 39,800 for both groups and Rs. 38,300 for a single group.

2.CA Final Registration Fees:

Registration fees for the CA Final exam are Rs. 22,000.

3.CA Final Exam Form:

Exam form fees for both groups are Rs. 3,300, and for a single group, it is Rs. 1,800.

4.AICITSS Fees at the Final Level:

Candidates must complete AICITSS during their last two years of Articleship, with fees of Rs. 7,500 for the Advanced Information Technology Program and Rs. 7,000 for the Management and Communication Skills.


Embarking on the journey to become a Chartered Accountant is both intellectually challenging and financially demanding. Understanding the detailed fee structures for each stage is essential for prospective CA candidates. Whether you are at the Foundation, Intermediate, or Final level, careful planning and financial preparation are key to navigating the CA course successfully.  Join Amit Bachhawat Training Forum for CA CS CMA coaching classes.