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The Certified Management Accountant (CMA) is a primary accounting qualification that may propel you to better achievement and success. You must be a member of the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), pass the CMA exam, and meet education and experience requirements to become a CMA. Consider these four CMA perks if you’re wondering, “Why should I become a CMA?” Discover more about each of them and how becoming certified can help you thrive in your accounting career.

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Breaking down the CMA Benefits

1. The CMA provides access to the business world:

The CMA is a sophisticated, globally recognized designation that demonstrates financial decision-making abilities in business. Some people prefer it to a CPA because of the business orientation. If you want to make business decisions, help run a business, or be connected in any manner with business, the CMA is your ticket. It allows you to specialize your accounting practice by giving you a thorough understanding of how accounting and business connect.

The CMA is commonly considered as the gold standard in management accounting, and it is designed to integrate accounting processes with business knowledge. To pass the CMA exam, you must understand corporate governance and accounting principles including responsibility accounting. This understanding places you in a unique position between the finance and management departments of a corporation. CMAs often end up working as advisors to their clients since they make informed business decisions with money in mind.

The CMA provides organizations with the crucial financial expertise they need to be efficient and profitable. CMAs regularly cooperate with upper management, and their knowledge, skills, and experience influence the direction of these businesses. When armed with relevant financial data and analysis, a CMA can play an important role on the management team.

Obtaining your CMA is one of the most important things you can do as an accountant if you want to work in a large business.

2. The CMA helps your career:

The CMA can lead to an exciting, rewarding, and financially rewarding accounting career. The CMA distinguishes you from other accountants by articulating your professional goals plainly. The letters “CMA” after your name indicate that you intend to manage money rather than simply report it. Passing the CMA exam shows that you are keen to broaden your knowledge beyond a bachelor’s or master’s degree. According to the IMA, 87% of CMAs believe that becoming certified improves their ability to maneuver across all business areas.

Many accountants can rise to higher-level employment because to the CMA. According to the IMA, CMAs hold the following positions:

Staff Accountant Cost Accountant Senior Accountant Controller


Budget Analyst Internal Auditor Finance Manager Financial Analyst


Chief Financial Officer Chief Executive Officer Vice President, Finance Treasurer


As you can see, the CMA enables you to not only carve your company position, but also to pull up a chair at the conference room table. Many CMAs advance in their careers as a consequence of their deep understanding of both finance and business concepts.

You will have additional career opportunities and opportunities for advancement if you acquire your CMA certification. Management accountants are in high demand as the demand for accountants grows.

3. The CMA boosts your earning power:

CMAs earn more than non-CMAs. That’s all there is to it. Accountants with this credential make 62% more on average worldwide, amounting to $31,000 more each year. When total income is factored in (health insurance, retirement, fringe benefits, etc.), the disparity becomes even more pronounced.

The gap is widening. In 2016, CMAs earned only 45% more than non-CMAs. CMAs in the Americas earned over $10,000 more per year in 2017 compared in 2016.

For a variety of reasons, CMAs may earn more than non-CMAs. For one reason, CMAs are better prepared for managerial positions, which are where the big bucks are in business. Second, obtaining certified requires the display of high-level management-related competencies required for Chief Financial Officer and even Chief Executive Officer positions. Companies are willing to pay a premium for employees who possess these skills.

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4. You gain credibility and respect from the CMA:

CMAs have a better understanding of numbers and finance than other types of accountants. According to the IMA, “CMAs can explain the ‘why’ behind numbers, not just the ‘what.'” To acquire the certification, you must know more about business than most accountants and accounting than most business people. Once you have achieved the CMA, people will come to you for answers to big-picture, business-related finance questions. When you’re the go-to expert for help, you may expect more duties as well as a higher reputation and position. CMAs flourish as consultants, establishing themselves as an important element of business operations.

5. Improve your financial knowledge and skills:

Accountants who earn the CMA designation are often passionate about accounting and finance. Pursuing a CMA requires a thorough understanding of both basic and complex management processes, as the CMA exam’s two sections cover a wide range of these topics. Mastering these critical skill sets benefits a CMA in a variety of ways.

Because the CMA requires a thorough understanding of management accounting processes, putting these principles into practice will provide transferable skills. The duties of a CMA are typically more specialized than those of a standard accountant. In order to enhance your professional skills, incorporate duties such as budget analysis and planning, key investment decisions, and risk management into your daily routine.

Other benefits of obtaining a CMA include broadening your professional horizons by taking on more managerial-level positions. Many CMAs, for example, deal with presenting data to executive boards and other key company leaders in an understandable fashion. The majority of entry-level accountants and CPAs will not take on these duties. As a CMA, you will likely be needed to analyze external trends and figures, which is generally reserved for upper-level accountants.

One of the numerous advantages of the CMA designation is that it allows you to obtain a better grasp of a company’s financial operations. If you want to learn more about cost accounting and broaden your job horizons, this could be the course for you.

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