5 Helpful Tips for CA Inter New Syllabus Preparation for May 2024



Aspiring to become a Chartered Accountant is an ambitious goal, and preparing for the CA Inter New Syllabus in May 2024 demands a strategic and comprehensive approach. Given the complexity of the subjects and the competitive nature of the exams, having a well-structured study plan is crucial. In this blog, we will explore five helpful tips for CA Inter New Syllabus preparation that can guide you towards success.

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5 Tips in Detail

1. Create a Well-Structured Study Plan:

One of the foundational elements of successful CA Inter preparation is a well-organized study plan. The new syllabus requires candidates to cover a range of subjects, and a balanced approach is essential. Here’s a detailed study plan for both groups:

Group 1

Subject Daily Hours Focus Timing
Accounting 2 hours Convenient Timing
Law 3 hours Divide into two halves
Costing 2 hours
Taxation 1 hour First thing in the morning

Group 2:

Subject Daily Hours Focus Timing
Advanced Accounting 2 hours
Auditing 3 hours
EIS SM 2 hours
FM-ECO and Taxation 1 hour Look over every morning

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2. Timely and Thorough Revision:

Revisions are the backbone of a robust exam preparation strategy. Completing the syllabus before the announcement of exam dates is crucial. To ensure your preparation is up-to-date, revise each subject at least thrice before the exams. Regular revisions not only reinforce your understanding but also help in identifying and rectifying mistakes.

3. Understanding Over Memorization:

The new syllabus emphasizes practical application, making it imperative for candidates to understand concepts rather than rote memorization. Practical papers are designed to test the application of knowledge in real-life scenarios. Focus on gaining a deep understanding of every topic, ensuring you are well-equipped to tackle practical challenges.

4. Solving Mock Test Papers:

Mock test papers are invaluable tools for exam preparation as they familiarize you with the exam pattern, question types, and help in building confidence. Consider incorporating the following into your routine:

  • Solve various mock test papers.

  • Practice with previous year’s questions provided by ICAI.

  • Analyze your performance to identify weak areas for improvement.

5. Effective Time Management:

Time management is the key to success in CA Inter exams. Strategically allocate time among theory and practical papers, seeking guidance from teachers to ensure every second is utilized effectively. The following table illustrates the importance of time management:

Paper Recommended Time Allocation
Theory Papers 60%
Practical Papers 40%


Preparing for the CA Inter New Syllabus for May 2024 requires dedication, organization, and a strategic approach. Creating a balanced study plan, focusing on timely and thorough revisions, understanding concepts, solving mock test papers, and effectively managing your time can enhance your chances of success. Combine these tips with self-study and expert coaching, such as CA Inter online classes by Amit Bachhawat, to ensure comprehensive and well-rounded preparation. Remember, success in CA Inter exams is not just about hard work; it’s about working smart and staying motivated throughout your preparation journey. Good luck!


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